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[01 Jan 2025|08:48pm]
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Character: Pinkie Pie | Employment: Baker | Door: Equestria

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Character Info;

Source work and author: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Lauren Faust
Door: Equestria Door. Everything in Equestria is brighter. The colors are more saturated, the cupcakes sweeter, the applies juicier, the people friendlier. And by people, we mean ponies. Equestria is an idyllic place where friendship really is magic and can be used to heal a wounded soul or destroy an ancient evil. Of late, Twilight Sparkle has become an alicorn princess and the Elements of Harmony returned to the Tree of Harmony.
Character Journal name: pinkiepied
Character Name: Pinkie Pie
Character Age: 18. Probably. Pony ages are uncertain, but by Equestrian standards she is an adult.
Character Played By: AnnaSophia Robb when human, Pinkie Pie when pony.

Character History and Personality: There is no one more extroverted than Pinkie Pie. She lives and breathes parties, after all. Being around other ponies energizes her - which is a bit scary, since she's incredibly exuberant anyway. Pinkie loves having friends, knowing other ponies, and everypony's business. She seems to always be on top of relationships and goings on, and will readily tell you any of it. And then segue into a discussion about cupcakes. And then talk about why the sky is blue. And on and on and on. Pinkie Pie's ability to talk is outstripped only by her love of fun and having it.

If Pinkie is alone, she gravitates naturally toward others. She doesn't like to be lonely and is almost constantly with a friend or companion or a perfect stranger who just doesn't know they're friends yet. In fact, she views everypony as a friend she hasn't met yet and is sure that once you meet her, you'll be the best of friends. For life.

It's hard to get Pinkie Pie down. She's eternally optimistic - until she's left alone. When she feels abandoned, things get bad fast. Pinkie is very emotional, obvious to anypony who even glances in her general direction, and she doesn't do well at hiding those emotions. For the most part, she's a happy filly, and it takes a fair amount of effort to drag her down. But when she's down, she's down. Pinkie swings toward extremes. If she feels sad or abandoned, she goes clear off the deep end and will immediately invent imaginary friends, often through the use of props, and will actually only alienate herself from her friends more unless someone steps in. And then all is forgiven and everything is happy again. Pinkie Pie's emotions, though mostly static and fixed in the realm of eternally happy, are pretty quick to change when she has a reason to change them. She doesn't do moods halfway. She's either ecstatic or depressed. There's no middle ground.

Underneath all her exuberance is someone who can be very insecure. When presented with an opportunity to prove herself, Pinkie will go way overboard and often accept opportunities she can't possibly manage on her own. But she desperately wants to prove that she can do things on her own, that she is independent and responsible. She surrounds herself with other ponies not so that she can feel important, but so that she can feel wanted and loved. Some small part of her worries that when she says or does something silly, ponies aren't laugh with her but at her.

Still, Pinkie loves to be the center of attention. She loves to surround herself with ponies, old acquaintances and new ones. She loves to have fun, to throw parties, to laugh and make other ponies happy. This can often overwhelm more introverted ponies, and she isn't always a good judge of when she's gone overboard, but she almost always means well. She just wants to be friends. And Pinkie Pie will be your friend. There is no stopping her.

A long time ago, before Pinkie Pie came to Ponyville, she lived in a dusty, dreary place. And she worked on a rock farm with her family. Fun wasn't exactly in her dictionary, and she spent her days in a grey world full of grey things. Until the day that Rainbow Dash made a Sonic Rainboom. The burst of rainbow sent Pinkie Pie's then straight hair into a curling mess, and for the first time in her life she smiled and felt happy. From that day on, Pinkie knew she wanted to make everyone around her happy, and she got her cutie mark: three balloons in blue and yellow.

She left her family's farm some time later, going to Ponyville. There she became a baker, and made friends with everypony she could. Whenever somepony new came to town, she threw a party for them - and that was how she met Twilight Sparkle. Twilight came just in time for the Summer Sun Celebration, and with it came Nightmare Moon, an evil mare from Equestria's history. Working with Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie became the Element of Laughter, one of the Elements of Harmony. The six were able to save Nightmare Moon, returning her to her true form as Princess Luna. And an unbreakable friendship formed between the ponies.

From there, more adventures ensued. An old friend of Rainbow Dash's came to town, a griffon, who stole all of Dash's time away from Pinkie, Dash's usual partner in crime when it came to pranks. Dash's friend, in turn, drove away all of Dash's friend. Undaunted by this, Pinkie decided to throw a party for her friends. Dash and Gilda eventually showed up there, and the party culminated with Gilda storming off in a huff when Dash revealed all the pranks played on her were Dash's, not Pinkie. The two reaffirmed their friendship for each other and, naturally, got into more trouble together after. When Twilight helped the citizens of Ponyville overcome their fear of the zebra Zecora, Pinkie was all for it. She went with her friends to help Fluttershy overcome her fear of dragons, too.

Then the parasprites came. To Pinkie's frustration, none of her friends listened to her about the trouble the parasprites would eventually cause, so while they cuddled and coddled the creatures, Pinkie Pie prepared. No one helped her, much to her frustration - couldn't they see what was going on? But they didn't, not until the parasprites started eating the town itself and Pinkie showed up as a one man band and led them away. In the end, she realized how important it was to talk to her friends and keep them in the loop instead of hoping they'd figure it out on their own. In spite of all this, Pinkie still felt like Twilight didn't always understand her, or accept Pinkie's gut feelings on things. Then her Pinkie Sense started to go off. In the span of a day, Twilight experienced all sorts of misfortunes - that Pinkie warned for - including a hydra attack. Throughout it, Pinkie warned Twilight that a "doozy" was coming, something big. Bigger than a hydra attack! It turned out the doozy was Twilight Sparkle finally coming to accept Pinkie's odd abilities, and their friendship growing closer as a result.

A while later, Pinkie threw a party for her pet alligator's birthday and then decides to throw a day-after party. Because there is always a good reason for a party. But when her friends didn't seem interested in joining her, she began to withdraw from them. She thought they were abandoning her, that they were tired of her parties and didn't want to spend time with her at all anymore. Despondent, she threw a party for herself, using bags of flour and rocks as props, and tiptoed toward the edge of sanity. She was so upset her normally sproingy hair completely deflated. Rainbow Dash found her there, and managed to drag Pinkie from her home to the birthday party - the surprise birthday party! - her friends were secretly planning. Elated, Pinkie's hair bounced back and hasn't gone down since, even at the Galloping Gala when she realized she was being completely unfair to everyone by trying to steal the party to make it her own. Even when Discord turned her laughter to cynicism and she was nasty and mean, her hair didn't completely deflate. And that's saying something.

Following this, Pinkie Pie received a lesson on responsibility when she offered to babysit her employer's twins. She realized she can't always do something alone, even though she wants to, and sometimes over reaches herself. Cue her next adventure, Pinkie nearly overreaches herself trying to make friends with a new mule come to Ponyville. Cranky Doodle Donkey resisted and resisted and resisted, and when Pinkie ruined a precious possession of his, a scrapbook, it was almost completely over. Then she introduced Cranky to Mathilda, another donkey in town, and the special friend he'd told her about earlier. And she was able to make her friend.

When Twilight found out her brother was going to be getting married, Pinkie accompanied her to Canterlot with all their friends to celebrate the marriage. She didn't think there was anything wrong with Princess Cadence, Twilight's brother's betrothed, and later felt terribly for it since Cadence was actually the evil Queen Chrysalis.

More adventures came and went, and then, most recently, everything went horribly wrong. Pinkie somehow ended up Applejack's cutie mark and was working at Sweet Apple Acres - and it wasn't going well. In fact, all of her friends were suddenly wearing the wrong cutie mark and doing jobs they just weren't cut out for. All this, the result of a spell cast by Twilight Sparkle. When Twilight managed to undo the spell, she became an alicorn and a princess - much to Pinkie's excitement.

But something has gone wrong again. The Elements of Harmony have been returned to the Tree of Harmony, and Equestria has somehow... changed. Just outside Ponyville, a strange portal has appeared. Naturally, Pinkie has decided she'll be the first one through it because there could only possibly be friends on the other side!

Journal/Key: Pinkie Pie's journal is a large (even by human standards), leather bound book with rough, handmade paper inside. The cover is an obnoxiously bright pink (don't ask how ponies got that color) with her cutie mark inlaid in gold in the center. Her key is a heavy brass thing that turns into a balloon on the end opposite the teeth. It's large, the size of a baby's rattle.


The Party Ponies: Friends! Friends who will party with her! Friends who will throw parties, friends to have parties for, friends to bake with and eat sweets with.
The Straightman: That person who is (perhaps morbidly) fascinated by the talking pink pony who shoots confetti out of a canon that wasn't there a second ago. Preferably someone from a door more grounded in reality, and someone who will mellow her out.
The Aliens: Mutants, aliens, paranormal creatures. Anyone who isn't entirely human, but still isn't a pony. Someone who can relate to her on the inhuman level, but isn't necessarily on her level of otherness. Or an turian bff, you know, Pinkie's not picky.
The Humans: People from doors that have no magic, where Pinkie is just a spastic girl with violently pink hair. People Pinkie can inevitably lure into the Equestria door for cupcakes and parties.
The Mentor: Someone who has been around the block a few times and knows what's going on with all the doors - and who wouldn't mind dragging a pink pony along for the ride.

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